I am a skilled JavaEE consultant specialized in middleware, backend and integration with many years of experience in the Linux environments.

I appreciate agile team working, lean thinking and new technologies and new areas.

My assignments have mostly been in the finance, pharma, mobile and webhosting businesses.

Check out my portfolio.

I view my set of skills, past experience and present knowhow, not as a limitation, but as an advantage to take on new assignments, putting new skills to the test and getting familiar with new areas. Want to look at my full set of skills? Follow this link.


I have been working professionally with IT since the mid 90’s.

I initiated with Linux (Slackware), and today I work with both Fedora, CentOS and Redhat. I then learned C, Assembler (hint: Linux) and Linux scripting languages.

Later I switched to C++.

Since the beginning of the Millennium I have specialized in JavaEE and got familiar with PHP and Python.

You can view my full set of skills here.


Since 2001, I have been taking on assignments as a JavaEE developer, in recent years I have mostly been working as an IT architect. Then in 2015, I wanted to be a freelance JavaEE and Linux expert and started my own IT consultant company, Graversen Consult, where I primarily take on projects as an IT architect.

I am very curious about new technologies and as a freelancer I have the opportunity to broaden my horizon, elaborate my knowhow and extend my set of skills by working with different companies and in this way getting an insight on how to address a request with different solutions. So being a freelancer is a win-win for me and you as a client.

As an architect and a developer, I have had the great pleasure of working with some of the largest and most interesting companies in Denmark, such as Nordea, Novo Nordisk, IBM, PFA Pension and All that experience adds value and width to my set of skills. Go to my portfolio to see all my previous collaborators.


On my spare professional time, I try new things out on my technological playground, which is a server farm in a hosting center. It is where I practice my skills and put new knowledge to the test since 2009. My playground has been updated, destroyed and rebuild a lot of times, especially when new trends and technologies appear, which I HAVE TO TRY out, just to see how they work.

My recent plan for my server farm is to turn it into a pure cloud with OpenShift, Ansible, Docker and Rancher.


My name is Jannik Graversen, I am born in 1970 in a rural area of Denmark, and besides IT tech-stuff, I am passionate about my family and sports.

My wife, Huimei, is from China, and we have two (need I say beautiful) sons: Milas and Jonas.
We live in a quiet and beautiful area in central Copenhagen and have chosen to give our sons a bilingual home: What a gift to be able to speak Chinese.

I enjoy skiing and have spent two unforgettable seasons as a ski seasonaire in Val Thorens, France, in my 30’s.
I also follow the NHL ice hockey, but I am a greater fan of the Danish National Ice Hockey Team.
Next to ice hockey, I am a fan of European football and cheer for our National Team, FC Barcelona and AC Milano.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information about my interest in sports, my technological playground or my work as a JavaEE developer and architect.